DataPro Announces Framework for 2023 International Rating Webinar.

2023 International Rating Webinar

DataPro Limited has announced the framework for its 2023 International Rating Webinar, focusing on the “Role of Sub-nationals and Credit Rating Agencies in Infrastructure Development.” This informative webinar will hold on October 12, 2023.

The webinar aims to engage various stakeholders involved in Infrastructure Development in Africa, particularly in Nigeria, including Capital Market Operators, Credit Rating Agencies, Financial Market Regulators, Subnational Governments, Institutional Investors, Private Equity Firms, Development Banks, and others.

The role of Subnational Governments in driving infrastructure development is well-established, particularly in developed countries. However, in developing nations like Nigeria, Subnational Governments face challenges in expanding their involvement in infrastructure projects, mainly due to a lack of long-term financing options. To address this, the webinar will seek a road map for sustainable infrastructure development at the Subnational level through the Capital Market.

Extensive research highlights several viable options for Subnational Governments to consider, such as development transfers, accessing the capital (debt) market, public sector lending, and public-private partnerships. However, the effectiveness of these options hinges on the implementation of robust policies and frameworks that will improve fiscal responsibility, accountability, transparency, good governance, and creditworthiness at the Subnational level in developing countries, including Nigeria.

The 2023 International Rating Webinar will conclusively address the crucial role of Credit Rating Agencies in evaluating the creditworthiness of Subnational Governments. It will also delve into discussing Policies and Frameworks that can enhance the Fiscal Responsibility of Subnational Governments, along with exploring Developmental Finance options for Subnational Governments in Infrastructure Projects.

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