We provide AML/CFT/CPF Monitoring and Reporting Solutions including AML/CFT/CPF Compliance Consulting, Independent Audit/Testing and AML/CFT/CPF Compliance Manual Compilation. These services ultimately aim to make your organization regulatory compliant.

Unique Compliance Solutions

Unique Compliance Solutions

This audit is conducted in order to determine whether a Financial Institution has developed, administered and maintained an effective program for compliance with relevant AML/CFT laws and regulations.

In line with the provisions of the Money Laundering Prohibitions Act (MLPA) of 2011 (as amended), every financial institution is expected to have an AML/CFT compliance program with a comprehensive AML/CFT compliance manual and a staff KYC handbook. Additionally, the Money Laundering Prohibition Act (MLPA) of 2011 (as amended), mandates Designated Non-Financial Institution (DNFI) to have written policies, programs, processes and procedures to mitigate the risks of money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud and other crimes. DataPro can assist professionally these category of reporting entities to meet their obligation both to the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU) and Special Control Unit against Money Laundering (SCUML).

Compliance Training Programs

Compliance Training Programs

We have a wide array of Open-House and In-Plant Courses on AML/CFT/CPF compliance. The courses are designed to address the existing capacity deficiencies within the industry and the training needs of practitioners.





This is an introductory class on AML/CFT/CPF compliance for executive trainees, new hires and all other staff encountering the concept for the first time. This course aims to nurture a sustainable AML/CFT/CPF compliance culture in the minds of new hires.


This is the second level training for Middle Level staff, Senior and Executive Management of the bank who need exposure to the latest trends, patterns and updates in the world of AML/CFT/CPF compliance in order to reduce incidences of non-compliance.


This course is designed to ensure participants possess the required expertise to cascade knowledge and share experience needed for in-house capacity development in AML/CFT/CPF. This prepares participants for an effective compliance culture in the bank.


This course effectively interprets to participants the letters and spirit of the statutory and legislative framework for AML/CFT/CPF Compliance in Nigeria. It prepares its participants for a result-oriented compliance culture. Additionally, participants will be equipped with a clear understanding of the future of compliance and its new technology.


The ultimate responsibility for AML/CFT/CPF compliance in any bank is placed on the Board/Top Management. To enable your board and management perform this statutory roles, they must be abreast of the issues in AML/CFT/CPF compliance.
This course is therefore targeted at Board Members and Executive Management of the bank.


This course teaches its participants how to use regulatory intelligence to navigate potential regulations, guidance, policy and legislation. It also provides delegates with the right understanding of the workings and processes associated with new technologies and skills to deal with international and emerging AML/CFT/CPF issues.

Compliance Open House Program

Compliance Open House Program

The Compliance Open House is a monthly training program for Professionals who want to be well informed about Compliance burning issues in a given year. The Open House courses span across Customer Due Diligence, Compliance and Risk Management.

Open house

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DataPro is a an experienced AML/CFT/CPF (Anti-Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism / and Countering Proliferation Financing) compliance training and consulting firm in Nigeria

DataPro is a an experienced AML/CFT/CPF (Anti-Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism / Countering Proliferation Financing) compliance training and consulting firm in Nigeria.