Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the 2023 Annual International Rating Webinar.

This year’s edition will focus on the important Role of Sub-nationals and Credit Rating Agencies in Infrastructure Development.

While the significance of Subnational Governments in driving infrastructure development is well-established, it poses challenges in developing nations like Nigeria due to limited access to long-term financing options. To address this, the webinar will provide a roadmap for sustainable infrastructure development at the Subnational level through the Capital Market.

The 2023 International Rating Webinar will emphasize the critical role of Credit Rating Agencies in evaluating the creditworthiness of Subnational Governments. It will also delve into discussing Policies and Frameworks that can enhance the Fiscal Responsibility of Subnational Governments. Additionally, the webinar will explore various Developmental Finance options for Subnational Governments in Infrastructure Investment.

This webinar aims to engage a wide range of stakeholders involved in Infrastructure Development, particularly in Nigeria and Africa. These stakeholders include Capital Market Operators, Credit Rating Agencies, Financial Market Regulators, Subnational Governments, Institutional Investors, Private Equity firms, and Development Banks, among others.

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