Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the 2022 Edition of our Annual International Rating Webinar.

This year our focus is on Pension Funds, Infrastructure Development and the Role of Credit Rating Agencies.
The Pension Funds regime has come to stay in Nigeria. Recent reports show that the Pension Funds Administrators collectively sit on approximately $33.4billion worth of assets, about 7.5% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country.
This is a confirmation of the giant strides and success story the Pension system has achieved since inception.

Given the fast-growing amount of Pension Funds available for investment, there is increasing shift in conversations and concerns on how operators can effectively manage the assets in the interest of the ultimate beneficiaries.

Other topical issues include:

  • How do we ensure equitable returns on the Pension Funds?
  • What other Investment options are open to Pension Funds Administrators?
  • How do we utilize Pension Funds for National Development?

Nigeria currently is faced with an infrastructural deficit of about $100b annually. It is estimated that the country needs up to $3trillion over the next 30 years to bridge its Infrastructural Development (ID) deficit.
What roles can the Pension Funds play in bridging this Infrastructure Gap?

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