Pushing the frontiers of rating

The Capital Market, all over the world, is propelled by Credit Rating Agencies( CRA) by providing opinion on the credit worthiness of Obligors thereby ensuring economic growth.

DataPro Limited as a Credit Rating Agency licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC) in Nigeria has over the past 16 years contributed immensely to the ability to access the market for Debt Securities, Structured Finance Instruments and Borrowing by Entities, State Governments, Public Sector players and Multinationals.

But a lot more needs to be done. Especially now that cost of funds has become a critical factor when looking for Capital.

It is thus with this realization that the DataPro Management led by the Managing Director Mr Abimbola Adeseyoju met with the NOVA Merchant Bank Team led by the Chairman, Mr Phillips Oduoza.

It is expected that the synergy and working relationship between the two parties will open up space for increased confidence in the market and more possibilities for operators and players