International Credit Rating Webinar holds on 13th October,2022.

Nigeria’s Technology-driven Credit Rating Agency, DataPro, will hold the 2nd edition of its Annual International Credit Rating Webinar on the 13th of October, 2022.

This year the Webinar will focus on Pension Funds, Infrastructure Development and the role of Credit Rating Agencies.

The Keynote Speaker is Professor Marco Giorginao who will deliver the topic ‘’The Reshaping of the Financial Industry: The Major role of FinTech and Data for Rating’

The Panel of Discussants will deliberate on ‘’Unlocking Infrastructure Asset Opportunities for Pension Managers through Credit Rating’’

Given the fast-growing amount of Pension Funds available for investment, there’s an increasing shift in conversations and concerns on how operators can effectively manage the assets in the interest of the ultimate beneficiaries. 

Other topical issues include: How do we ensure equitable returns on the Pension Funds? What other Investment options are open to Pension Funds Administrators? How do we utilize Pension Funds for National Development?

Nigeria currently is faced with an infrastructural deficit of about $100b annually. 

It is estimated that the country needs up to $3trillion over the next 30 years to bridge its Infrastructural Development (ID) deficit. What roles can the Pension Funds play in bridging this Infrastructure Gap?

Other deliverables of the Webinar include:

  • Deliberation on the roles Credit Rating Agencies play in the efficient allocation of resources within the Capital Market and national economy;
  • How Credit Rating Agencies can bring about an efficient allocation of Pension Funds for Infrastructure Investment in Nigeria;
  • Safe options for Pension Funds investment in Infrastructure Bonds in Nigeria;
  • What should be done by Credit Rating Agencies to ensure the protection of Pension Funds invested in Infrastructure Projects in Nigeria;
  • The infrastructure investment strategies for Pension Funds Administrators;
  • Guidance on scheme specific goals on stable and sustainable returns, risk management and portfolio diversification for Pension Administrators 

The Webinar will also address the most pressing investment issues and challenges facing Pension Funds Administrators in Nigeria, Analyze the lessons and experiences from other countries that can be learnt by all stakeholders (Pension Funds Administrator, Credit Rating Agencies, Issuers, Borrowers and Investors) when it comes to Infrastructure Development, Pension Funds and role of Rating Agencies.

There will also be Goodwill messages from Mr. Lamido Yuguda, the Director of the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC); Mr. Stan Zeze Founder Bloomfield Rating Agency and the Initiator of the Pan-African Credit Rating Agencies Association; Mr. Faheem Ahmad, President of the Islamic International Rating Agency (IIRA) and Mr. Cristian Giacomini the CEO of ModeFinance International, Europe 1st Fintech Rating Agency.

To register and participate in the Webinar, click here.


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