DataPro Trains Journalists On Credit Rating Reporting

Oladele Adeoye

Nigeria’s technology-driven Rating Agency, DataPro Limited has trained over 30 journalists on credit rating knowledge gap.
The organisation organised the second edition of its Annual Media Training program tagged ‘Credit Rating and Investigative Journalism’ centred on promoting the value proposition of the Credit Rating Industry and advancing the course of investigative journalism in Nigeria.

Participants were exposed to the workings of the Credit Rating Agency and to the role the media could play in rating change decisions in order to foster and encourage a mutually beneficial partnership between both parties.

The chief operating officer of DataPro, Prince Oladele Adeoye stated that the annual training program was instituted by DataPro in line with the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) directive for Capital Market Operators (CMOs) to enlighten the general public on their operations, promote stakeholder participation, and close the knowledge gap.

He noted that it is also a way of equipping the Media Agencies on how to report credit rating news, as information in the public domain speaks to the heart of credit rating decisions and investor’s reactions, saying the training is also part of DataPro’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Laying out the value propositions of Credit Rating Agencies, Adeoye, who is also the chief rating officer of DataPro, said, “Credit Rating Agencies (CRAs) evaluate and rate the creditworthiness of debt securities and their issuers, including companies and countries.

“They assign credit risk ratings to such entities based on quantitative and qualitative analyses. The ratings show the likelihood of a borrower to default or repay a loan with interest.”

Click here to access the recap of the event.


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