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DataPro was established in 1995 to assist companies, individuals and governments manage regulatory and business risks.


DataPro offers client-centric programs, solutions, trainings, courses, conferences and skills/knowledge transfer sessions both On-the-Job-Training (OJT) and class-room formats on Anti – Money Laundering/Combating – the – Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Compliance, Corporate Governance, Enterprise Risk Management and Fraud Risk Management.


DataPro is a Credit Rating Agency, recognized by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in Nigeria. As a registered Credit Rating Agency, we provide opinions on the relative ability of an entity to meet financial commitments.

Due Diligence

At DataPro, we have uncommon experience and practical knowledge to provide extraordinary due diligence reports. Our experience in Compliance, Risk Management, Governance, Forensic Accounting, Credit Risk Rating, 3rd Party Verification and Anti-Fraud Consultancy readily comes to play in compiling our reports.

Debt Collection

At DataPro, we provide excellent collection house services; undertaken by our experienced and highly-trained staff. We understand the need to receive payments for services rendered as at when due; therefore, we are committed to working with you to recover outstanding receivables using all legally available procedures.

Compliance Solution

DataPro is regarded today as the leading and most experienced compliance consulting firm in Nigeria. We provide AML/CFT Monitoring and Reporting Solutions including AML/CFT Compliance Independent Audit/Testing and AML/CFT Compliance Manual Compilation.

Third Party Verification

Third Party Verification has become an essential aspect of decision making. Our services provides guidance on due diligence monitoring and record keeping in line with Regulatory obligations. We offer Address Verification, Background Screening (BGS) and Know Your Employee (KYE) Verification.

Market Survey & Research

At DataPro we offer compliance solutions to mitigate against Brand erosion, financial loss and fraudulent distribution, circulation, sale, offering, production and buying of products and services.

2020 Training Calendar

At DataPro We have a wide array of Open-House and In-Plant Courses on AML/CFT compliance and Data Protection.

Compliance Certification Program

Enroll For DataPro‘s Compliance Training Program And Become A Certified Compliance Professional (CCP).

Data Protection Compliance Services

DataPro is a licensed Data Protection Compliance Organization (DPCO)

Credit Rating

We are committed to the provision of objective, timely, independent and reliable credit


DataPro offers client-centric programs, solutions, trainings, courses, conferences and skill


We have uncommon experience to provide extraordinary due diligence reports, business

Debt Collection

We provide  excellent receiving / debt collection services; by our experienced

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