Rating-as-a-Service (RaaS) Debuts in Nigeria

Rating-as-a-Service (RaaS) Credit Risk Management Solution that enables institutions to correctly determine the Credit Worthiness of Corporate clients and entities has been introduced into the Nigerian market.

Known asTigran-for-DataPro’’, the Tool is a collaborative effort between DataPro, Nigeria’s Technology-driven Credit Rating Agency (CRA) and ModeFinance, Europe’s No 1 FinTech Rating Agency.
The Tool is built on a new paradigm shift of disruptive technologies that will revolutionise the Credit Risk Management industry in Nigeria.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
Traditionally, creditworthiness was based on the so-called “Five (5) Cs” namely; Character, Capacity, Capital, Collateral and Conditions. All these became automated with the market.
The new solution is expected to assist Banks, other Financial Institutions, Conglomerates and other organisations manage their exposures, keep the default rate low, and reduce the severity of loss when it comes to corporate credit. The fully automated and cost-efficient tool enables end-users to perform financial analysis, KYC scrutiny, risk identification, exposure reconciliation, and much more; based on qualitative and quantitative information.

For Issuing Houses and Investment Banks, Tigran-for-DataPro is particularly useful to enable them assess the Credit quality of clients before committing them to capital raising exercises. In addition, Fund managers and other capital providers, including Lenders, need to effectively assess credits and manage exposures on a continuous basis. The Tigran-for-DataPro Tool enables financial advisors to self-assess the possibility of their clients scaling the hurdle of a Credit Rating process and being assigned an investment-grade rating, before deploying so many resources to the overall capital-raising process. 

For Deposit Money Banks and Development Banks, Tigran-for-DataPro enables them to effectively monitor and manage their credit portfolios in an efficient way that reduces operational risks and ensures corporate objectives are met.

The fully customizable solution is formatted to mimic the step-by-step approach of a standard credit management framework, which could be integrated into the internal decision authority matrix to approve or disapprove specific risk underwriting steps. 



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