Dubai Masterclass

New Technologies, Virtual Assets & Cryptocurrencies, Central Bank Digital Currency  (eNaira), Digitalization, Digitization, Automation, Woke Generation Demographics,  Consumer Protection, Data Protection & Privacy, Open Banking, AML/CFT New  Legislation, PEPs & Elections are all issues confronting Compliance Practitioners on both  sides of the divide of Regulators and Operators.

One way of keeping pace and staying ahead is to continuously retool, retrain and reskill about the impacts, controls and regulatory expectations of this ever-changing compliance  ecosystem.

This requires a deeper thinking and dimensioning of issues for strategic decision making  at middle/senior management and board levels.

Our Master of Compliance (MoC) Program in Dubai has been specially designed to address  these issues and elevate the thinking of participants.

Accordingly, we hereby invite you to nominate your middle and senior management staff  including board of directors for this program.

  • To equip participants with advanced skills to make compliance decisions more  strategically and proactively.
  •  To up-skill participants with a deeper understanding of how to analyze  Compliance Emerging Trends & Patterns for proactive decisions.
  • To expose participants to requirements and key success factors needed to run  Compliance as a business enabler.
  • To provide participants with the right aptitude to ensure a compliance culture  in their institution.
  • To teach participants how to interpret compliance emerging issues and  forecast possible statutory and regulatory actions.

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