Dubai masterclass 2023

Our performance as a Nation on FATF Recommendation 7 in the 2021 Mutual Evaluation Report showed we have to significantly improve our compliance level when it comes to Targeted Financial Sanctions related to Proliferation Financing.

The relevant authorities have since risen to the occasion by making necessary Laws, Regulations and Guidelines to improve our compliance level on FATF Recommendation 7.

What is needed now is getting out of the FATF Grey list by enhancing the level of efficiency, awareness and training on Recommendation 7 Compliance in the Country.

This is why the 2023 edition of our Master Class on Countering Proliferation Financing (CFT) Compliance is an absolute necessity for all Banks, Non-Bank Financial Institutions, DNFBPs, Regulators, Supervisors and other Stakeholders within the Compliance ecosystem in Nigeria.

Accordingly, we here by invite you to nominate your Middle and Senior Management Staff including Board of Directors for this program holding as follows:


  • To equip participants with advanced skills to implement Targeted Financial Sanctions related to Proliferation Financing
  • To up-skill participants with a deeper understanding of how to identify and assess the risks associated with Proliferation Financing
  • To expose participants to requirements and key success factors needed for the implementation of Policies, Programs, Processes, Procedures and Controls on CPF Compliance
  • To teach participants how to comply with the Laws, Regulations and Guidelines on Proliferation Financing
  • To provide participants with the right aptitude to ensure a compliance regime on CPF within their institutions

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