We have uncommon experience and practical knowledge to provide extraordinary due diligence reports. Our experience in Compliance, Risk Management, Governance, Forensic Accounting, Credit Risk Rating, Third Party Verification and Anti-Fraud Consultancy readily comes to play in compiling our reports. Based on our report your decision making process is enhanced. We offer robust compliance reporting services that provides solutions to save your organisation’s time, its resources, and also avoid costly or unpleasant business decisions.

Product Description

Company Due Diligence Report

  • Operating Address Identification and Visitation
  • Nature of Business and Operations Identification
  • Identification and Verification of Shareholders, Directors and Management
  • Identification of Affiliate Companies
  • Target Market Identification
  • Industry Overview
  • Compliance Check
  • Level of Political Exposure
  • Level of Financial Exposure
  • Press Check
  • Financial Assessment
  • Risk Evaluation

Enhanced Due Diligence Report

  • Company Due Diligence Report
  • Operational Structure Evaluation
  • Historical Background
  • Management Profile
  • Trade references Check
  • Corporate Organogram
  • Corporate Governance Assessment
  • Law suit(s) Check
  • Adverse/ Negative Media Check

Personal Enhanced Due Diligence Report

  • Identification and Verification of Subject’s Personal Details
  • Educational Qualification Verification
  • Professional & Personal Background Check
  • Employment History Verification
  • Identification of Business Interest and Close Associates
  • Identification of Source of Wealth and Tangible Financial Net worth
  • Indebtedness Verification
  • Level of Political Exposure Evaluation
  • Allegation of Fraud Checks
  • Law suit(s) Check
  • Assessment and Identification of Risks

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