Our report provide an insight into the performance, strategies and integrity of a company. A business information report aids identifying key areas of strength and weakness in the company, it also provides a current record of the business’s performance and an understanding of the company’s priorities. We offer robust compliance reporting services that provides solutions to save your organisation’s time, its resources, and also avoid costly or unpleasant business decisions.

Our Unique Proposition

  • Increased understanding of risks and opportunities
  • Emphasizing the link between financial and non-financial performance
  • Influencing long term management strategy and policy, and business plans
  • Streamlining processes, reducing costs and improving efficiency
  • Comparing performance internally, and between organisations and sectors

Products Description

Business Information Report

  • Operating Address Identification and Visitation
  • Nature of Business and Operations Identification
  • Corporate Affairs Commission Details Verification
  • Identification and Verification of Shareholders, Directors and Management
  • Trade Risk Factors Identification
  • Bank details Check
  • Trade references Check
  • Criminal Records Check

Business Information & Credit Report

  • Business information Report
  • Financial Information
  • Financials Strength Analysis
  • Credit Level Check

Enhanced Business Information Report

  • Business Information Report
  • Assets Identification
  • Auditing accounts
  • Character Check (Fit and Proper Test)
  • Corporate Governance Check
  • Regulatory, Business and Financial Risk Check
  • Press and Social Media Check

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